The Falling Walls Foundation is a non-profit organisation in Berlin, dedicated to the support of science and the humanities. It was established in 2009, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. At its heart is the question ‘Which are the next walls to fall?’ as a result of scientific, technological, economic and sociological breakthroughs.

Each year, the foundation supports scientific organisations around the world to host a Falling Walls Lab. This international forum promotes interdisciplinary connections between aspiring academics, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals, known for their excellent work. Participants are given three minutes to present their research work, business model or initiative to a broad audience from science and industry, including a distinguished jury who selects the most innovative and promising idea.

Falling Walls Lab is a challenging and inspiring format for emerging bright minds, giving them a unique chance to become the next big success story in innovation. Each year, nearly 100 international Labs are held with more than 1000 presenters, 100 of whom make it to the final in Berlin.


A jury of distinguished academics and business people, usually led by a Chief Scientist, will select the winners of Falling Walls Lab Abuja. The top three ranked presenters of the Falling Walls Lab Abuja receives a set prize-money and the 1st place prize winner receives support for their participation in Berlin Germany Falling Walls Conference—an event that brings together a global audience and people who are finding solutions to the greatest challenges of our time and thus contributing to a better world on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November each year.

Falling Walls Lab Abuja is a challenging, inspiring and interdisciplinary format to showcase the next generation of students and early-career professionals.

In a 3-minute presentation, participants will present their research, business model or initiative, showcasing a breakthrough that creates a positive impact on science and society.  All disciplines are welcome: from agriculture, medicine, economics, engineering to social science and the humanities. The event is inspired by the world-changing event of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, with the question at every Falling Walls gathering: Which walls will fall next?

Network with fellow innovators from different disciplines, equally passionate and inspired to showcase their solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time.

The most intriguing presentation will be selected to represent Nigeria and travel to the Falling Walls Lab Global Finale held in Berlin, Germany on 7 November, where they will compete to become the Breakthrough Winner of the Year in the Emerging Talents category of Falling Walls.

At the Berlin Lab, 100 finalists from across the globe will receive the opportunity to present their work in front of a distinguished jury and receive a ticket to take part in the prestigious Falling Walls Science Summit, where leaders from science, industry, and policy -making meet and discuss which walls will be the next to fall in science and society.

Falling Walls Labs are organised by independent partners of Falling Walls Foundation and are held in locations across the globe with the winners from each Lab being invited to the Falling Walls Lab Global Finale, Berlin Germany on the 7th of November. The Falling Walls Lab Finale is run by the Falling Walls Foundation. 

Falling Walls Lab Abuja is hosted by ScienceSquad Africa a non profit organisation headquartered at Abuja, Nigeria

Eligibility criteria and information on how to apply for Falling Walls Lab Abuja

Applications for 2022 are now open.

  • WHEN:  Saturday August 14 2022 in Abuja
  • WHO:  Applicants that reside in Abuja or any part of Nigeria will be selected to take part in the event
  • More information: Falling Wall Lab FAQ

Students and early-career professionals within all disciplines from Abuja and all across Nigeria are invited to participate in Falling Walls Lab Abuja event.

Why participate in a Falling Walls Lab

  • Provides participants with networking opportunities amongst like-minded individuals
  • Celebrates and promotes outstanding talents in academia and the innovation sector
  • Promotes co-operation and knowledge sharing across the South Pacific region
  • Strengthens links between research and development across academia and business.

Award and winner’s prize

The winner of Falling Walls Lab Abuja will be invited to represent Abuja at the Falling Walls Lab Global Finale in Berlin on November 7, 2022.  The winner’s prize will consist of return economy flights from place of residence to Berlin and four night’s accommodation in Berlin (includes one night’s accommodation covered by Falling Walls Lab Berlin) and a ticket to the Falling Walls Science Summit November 7- 9. 

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

  • Currently reside in Abuja or any part of Nigeria
  • Be 18 years of age or over
  • Hold a degree or be currently enrolled in university (copy of degree may be required)
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree which must have been received within ten (10) years prior to 1 January 2022 (i.e. conferred on or after 1 January 2012)
  • Hold a master’s degree which must have been received within seven (7) years prior to 1 January 2022 (i.e. conferred on or after 1 January 2015)
  • Hold a PhD which must have been received within five (5) years prior to 1 January 2022 (i.e. conferred on or after 1 January 2017)
  • Hold a passport valid until at least May 2023
  • Not previously presented at any Falling Walls Lab in Nigeria

How to apply

Applicants must submit their applications to Falling Walls Lab Foundation Berlin.

Application Deadline

Applications for 2022 are open.

Applications to take part in Falling Walls Lab Abuja must be submitted by the Closing Date: Sunday 14 August 2022, 5.00 pm (WAT).

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by August ending.


Assessment of applications and presentations

Applications to attend the Falling Walls Lab Abuja are assessed by a diverse evaluation panel with broad representation from both academia and business. In assessing the applications submitted, the panel will consider applicants’ motivation for participating in the event, the breakthrough factor of the proposed idea, and the relevance/impact of the idea for the target group. The panel will additionally ensure that applicants are being assessed in relation to their opportunities. In making its final decisions, the panel may also take into consideration the gender mix, organisational representation, and fields of research represented by the selected finalists.

Only complete and eligible applications will be considered.

At the Falling Walls Lab Abuja event, a Jury with representation from both academia and business will judge the presentations.  Presentations will be judged on the following criteria:

·          Breakthrough factor (50%): How original and innovative is the proposed idea?

·          Relevance/Impact (40%): How relevant is the idea to the discipline and beyond?

·          Structure/Performance (10%): How convincing was the presentation?

A list of Jury Members will be available as soon as the appointment process has been completed.


Call for applications closes14 August
Finalists announcedAugust Ending
Falling Walls Lab Abuja event02 September
Falling Walls Lab Global Finale – Berlin, Germany7 November
Falling Walls Conference – Berlin7-9 November

Contact us

Falling Walls Lab Abuja

ScienceSquad Africa 0803 404 7515

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